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Poster Mr. Smith Goes to Washingtion
Frank Capra’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Rocky’s character reminds one of Frank Capra’s Classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Rocky is a man who will not back down from his ideals.

Former Salt Lake Mayor, Rocky Anderson quit the Democratic Party in August 2011 saying “both parties have helped sustain the corrupt system and have been sustained by … the corrupting influence of money….”  Anderson felt the choices available for President did not reflect what the majority of Americans really wanted from their elected officials. Later He helped form the Justice Party going on to win the party’s nomination. The party platform centered on economic justice, social justice and environmental justice for all.  He proclaimed it time to start the Justice Movement and reclaim the values that founded a “once great nation.”

The 2012 Presidential Campaign run by Rocky Anderson is the vehicle the filmmakers used to explore processes third party candidates encounter when trying to get on ballots, get in debates, get funding and promote their platforms.

The series features interviews and verite segments of Rocky involved with Daniel Ellsberg (Released Pentagon Papers), Ralph Nader (Consumer Advocate), Katrina van den Heuval (Editor/Publisher The Nation Magazine), Richard Dreyfus (Actor/Professor), Bill McKibbon (Science Writer -350.org), Mary Mapes (Producer, broke Abu Ghraib and Bush National Guard Story; later fired by CBS), John Conyers (Congressman), Dennis Kucinch (Congressman), Jill Stein (Green Party) Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) plus many equally famous people and those not so famous as they work together and consider the crucial issues of our time.

Rocky’s decision to run for president was not one he took lightly but one he decided was the only way he could continue to move his issues forward and hopefully get traction with media attention. He felt with the Arab Spring and Occupy, citizens of the United States were ready to start a Justice Movement of their own.

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